Skyview Patnitop ropeway Booking, Cost

Skyview Patnitop by Empyrean promises something for everyone. It’s a unique destination that sprawls between Sanget and Patnitop, donning the best of sights, serenity, adventure, thrill, culture, and tastes. It only takes a 2-hour drive from Jammu, on the four-lane highway, and across four spectacular tunnels, to reach Sanget – the lower terminal of this picturesque destination, which is also only 3 km from the famous Chenani Nashri tunnel.

The upper terminal in Patnitop offers easy access to this charming town known to be the exotic epitome of natural beauty with magical meadows revealing refreshing bursts of deodar and kail trees.

Built with the latest technology, the Skyview Patnitop ropeway is one of the highest (ground clearance) CEN (European) Standard certified ropeway in Asia with one of the longest spans between its towers. These spacious avant-garde gondolas are custom-crafted for an all year round experience. Soaring over the tree tops, this ropeway ride will leave you in awe of the enthralling landscape and a captivating birds eye view of this scenic destination.

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