Add Europe to your black friday shopping cart with Eurail

Black Friday is here again – and this time, it lasts more than a weekend. For one full week, Eurail is rolling back the price on all of its Eurail Global Passes, starting November 25th through December 2nd. Travellers opting for a 1st class Global Pass can now save 15% on their travel Pass, while those opting for a 2nd class Pass will get a 10% discount.

Selecting between First or Second Class

Yes, price matters, but it is more than that! With a 1st class Pass, travellers can expect more spacious storage for luggage, comfortable seating, quieter carriages, outlets for charging devices, free Wi-Fi, and in some cases even complimentary drinks and meals. Additionally, many countries offer 1st class passengers a list of perks and benefits even before boarding the train. Some of these perks are access to exclusive lounges in the train terminal, so you can relax before your next train and in some cases, get a priority check-in. However, just because 1st class has these perks doesn’t mean it is right for everyone, it also depends on the travel experience you are looking for. In general, 1st class offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, whereas 2nd class offers more of a community focused travel experience with more chances to interact with fellow Eurailers.

Other Benefits with Eurail

A Eurail experience extends far beyond just getting you place to place by train! All Eurail Pass holders can take advantage of hundreds of benefits and discounts all over Europe to ensure they get the most out of their European adventure. Travellers can access great discounts on European ferry routes, boat tours, hotel rooms, museum tickets, and many more.

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A popular offer for Pass holders is the savings on city cards – the easiest and budget-friendly way to see European cities. City cards make a trip-budget go further as Eurail’s offers include 700+ attractions, accommodations, transportations, Wi-Fi, as well as giving free or discounted entry to a range of tours and activities in must see destinations including Valencia, Salzburg, and Porto.

Continuing with the festivities, Eurail further offers a winter promo sale that lets travellers explore Europe with a 10% off on their travel passes. The offer starts from December 3rd through December 31st, 2019.

With just one rail pass travellers of all ages can travel in and through up to 31 different European countries and access extra benefits and discounts along their journey. A complete list of Pass benefits for each country is available via the free Eurail Rail Planner App. And with the Rail Planner App, travellers can easily plan their journey like a local, hopping on and off trains, and discovering more of Europe.

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